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Why Us?


We Care

In this fast-paced world, everyone is on the run, and so is your business to survive and thrive.

For us, it's our most important value as individuals and as a business.


Industry & Domain Expertise

The highly skilled individuals making up the team have built proven expertise in Sales & Marketing and Field Service Operations.


Trust, Now & Tomorrow

We see our customers as partners, we are with you for the long run. We envision building an ecosystem where customers, technology partners and Nexavenu form one solid team for success.


Giving Back

This has been at the core of what we do every day since day one. We leverage technology to innovate and deliver sustainable solutions to businesses, while inspiring and providing new opportunities within the African community.

We Understand Your Business


Energy Transition

According to Larry Fink’s 2022 letter to CEOs, “the next 1000 unicorns will be in cleantech”. For the last couple of years, Nexavenu has been helping clients innovate on the Salesforce platform to serve the transition to green energy, from Solar, Wind to Electric vehicles businesses.

We believe that leveraging Salesforce clouds, such as Net Zero Cloud and Field Service Lightning, delivers value through decreased waste and improved personnel efficiency, in or out of the office.

For the next decade, Energy Transition requires qualified and dedicated technology professionals and through its core focus, Nexavenu is positioning itself to be part of the transition to Net Zero as a consulting partner.



Construction & Engineering

From HVAC to Plumbing, Geotechnical Consulting to Electrical Engineering & Installations, Nexavenu automates workflows for back office and field workers to deliver best-in-class customer service.

With our Navy seals shaping Salesforce Field Service Lightning, your business benefits from a platform that is architected to solve today's challenges and support your business growth.

Change can be tough, especially in this industry, so rest assured our expertise will help drive change and progress in your business.



Transportation & Logistics

Post COVID-19, the transportation & logistics industry is going through aggressive change and disruptions. Higher freight costs and increased demands mean businesses are forced to quote faster and have more competitive pricing mechanisms and reliable historical data to drive swift decision-making to keep the whole supply chain running.

Sales Cloud and Maps have helped lots of companies turn around quotes faster and stay ahead of trends, while operating on a single source of truth that connects sales, packing, delivery, route planning, and dispatching goods and services daily.




We collaborate with many businesses from various manufacturing sub sectors such as gloves manufacture, clean cement, hardwares to help unleash the power of Salesforce to streamline supply and inventory processes with main goal of keeping goods and products flowing to shelves or end consumers in a timely fashion.

We have seen accelerated adoption of Salesforce during COVID-19, and foresee this being the new norm for manufacturing businesses, be it from small or large manufacturers & distributors.




As you start a venture in your garage or your apartment bedroom, your key priority is to recruit your customers. So how to capture attention, nurture, sell and service them all on one platform.

For years, we have helped startups get to scale with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Pardot, providing the backbone for their lean marketing, sales, and ops team to either increase their net new logos month to month or keep a standard level of service or nurture them for future revenue. ps from the early days to Find, Win & Keep Customers.


Trusted Platforms For The Long Run

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    Sales Cloud

    Smart Centralised Customer Sales Information

  • icon-02.svg


    Service Cloud & Field Service Lightning

  • icon-03.svg

    Experience Cloud

    Customer & Partner Portal Experiences

  • icon-04.svg

    Marketing Cloud

    Account Engagement, Messaging & Journeys, Personalisation.

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    Integration, APIs & Automation for Digital 360 Experiences

  • icon-06.svg

    Tableau CRM

    Visual Analytics & Data Intelligence

For Your Needs

  • Transition to Net
    Zero Practice

    Nexavenu is supporting businesses leverage the best of Salesforce whilst driven by the purpose of creating jobs, businesses, and make the world a more sustainable place to live in. Those businesses tap into Net Zero Cloud for your organisation's carbon accounting and Salesforce Field Service to keep electric vehicle chargers, wind turbines and solar panels services running.

  • Salesforce Clouds

    From the get-go, we accompany and empower you throughout your Salesforce investment. Everything revolves around the end users, be it employees or customers. We make Sales, Service, Field Service, Pardot and Mulesoft plug-and-play platforms to deliver constant value to your organisation.

  • Integration

    We have Mulesoft at the core of our portfolio to help businesses marry their platforms and systems together. This provides a one platform, one digital experience with a 360-degree view of your organisation. This is beneficial whether you are a small business with Mulesoft Composer or a larger mature enterprise with Anypoint Platform.

  • Managed

    We are an extension to your business! Tap into our consultants and SMEs to maximise your Salesforce integration and use. Partnering over the long term to keep your business relevant on Salesforce is part of why we exist.

  • Advisory

    Our architects and domain experts assess today’s state of affairs with an outlook on the future. Together, let us drive a culture of innovation to create new business models, revenue streams and improve employee experience.

  • Health Checks & Remediations

    They say prevention is better than cure! Engage us for an outcome-driven health check, which together we could turn into concrete actionable improvements or fixes. With the right amount of governance, domain, and technical expertise we have turned Salesforce instances from RED to GREEN!

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